American warbler spring migration, how to watch it

This video from the USA says about itself:

21 mrt 2012

To help celebrate the imminent arrival of spring migrants, Jessie Barry and Chris Wood from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology share their warbler-watching tips. Join Chris and Jessie as they explore an amazingly diverse wood-lot in Rochester, New York. Click here to see the map and a full list of everything they saw:

To hear the songs of nearly 50 North American warblers, visit the wood-warbler page on the All About Birds site of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

March 2012. The warmer weather that much of the USA has been enjoying has brought out the springtime clothes a bit ahead of schedule and has also triggered the earlier-than-normal arrival of many migrating birds – much to the delight of the 45 million people who engage in birdwatching in the United States, and who now don’t need to wait for their spring ‘fix’: here.

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