English workers support Greek steelworkers

This is a video about the Greek steelworkers’ strike.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Campaigners pledge support for striking steelworkers

Sunday 18 March 2012

A packed meeting in London sent messages of solidarity to striking steelworkers in Athens on Saturday evening, telling them their struggle was an “inspiration” to the working class around the world.

The strike of the Elliniki Chalivourgia workers – against mass sackings, the casualisation of the remaining workforce and the slashing of wages to below subsistence level – is now nearly five months old.

The striking workers – led by trade union front Pame – have vowed not to return to work until their colleagues are reinstated and wages and conditions restored to all.

Representatives of the transport union RMT, the Communist Party of Britain, AKEL of Cyprus, the Tudeh Party of Iran and the Co-ordinating Committee of Communist Parties in Britain took turns to greet the strikers via video-link and extend solidarity to Pame and all Greek workers resisting austerity.

The striking workers told the hundred-strong rally that their fight was a struggle for the whole working class and explained how it was a manifestation of the conflict between the neoliberal policies of the EU and workers striving to preserve their jobs and livelihoods.

Speakers on both sides of the screen said the strike has become a symbol of workers’ struggle against tyrannical capitalist bosses worldwide.

Speakers also congratulated the workers’ families, women’s strike committee and the Federation of Democratic Women of Greece for their steadfast support.

Those present donated to the strike fund and pledged to enlist the support of trade unions and the public in Britain for the steelworkers. The meeting was organised by the British branch of the Communist Party of Greece.

The media reports referred to it as the Greek bailout. This is a complete misnomer. The €130 billion package agreed to by eurozone finance ministers last week was not a bailout of Greece, but of the banks and financial institutions that put money in its bonds: here.

5 thoughts on “English workers support Greek steelworkers

  1. Up to 150 people attended the Solidarity with Greek Strikers and Occupations event in Dalston, east London, on Friday of last week.

    The meeting raised £1,600 for striking Greek workers. A further £200 was donated by the NUJ journalists’ union and £315 from a Unite the Resistance meeting in Bristol.

    Films were shown of February’s general strikes against austerity in Greece, and music was played late.

    Moisis Litsis from the occupied Eleftherotypia newspaper (see Greece: Workers’ struggle and solidarity) spoke, as did trade unionists from London and representatives from the Antarsya coalition of the Greek radical left.

    A protest has been called to coincide with protests in Greece on Independence Day. Sunday 25 March, 2pm, Greek embassy, 1A Holland Park, London W11 3TP



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