Occupy Bahrain video

This video from Bahrain says about itself:

Occupy Bahrain: The largest demonstration in Bahrain. We are the 99%.

More than 700 thousand citizens demanding to achieve self-determination, freedom and democracy and the rejection of dictatorship.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bahrain offers a perfect example of successful crackdowns, with an information blackout achieved through an impressive arsenal of repressive measures: exclusion of the foreign media, harassment of human rights defenders, arrests of bloggers and netizens (one of whom died behind bars), prosecutions and defamation campaigns against free expression activists, disruption of communications: here.


32 thoughts on “Occupy Bahrain video

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    • The video maker says otherwise, and I just quoted him or her.

      I had another post on this demonstration, see


      not mentioning Occupy.

      One can argue this was a specific Bahraini demonstration, or an Arab Spring demonstration. Both are true in a way. And, the Arab Spring is not just Arab, as it inspired people all over the world, including Greece, Spain, Wisconsin USA, and Occupy Wall Street. And Occupy Wall Street in turn again inspired people in many countries, including Bahrain. The problems are worldwide.

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