Australian sharks’ feeding frenzy on video

Discovery News says about this video:

Shark Feeding Frenzy Captured on Video

Analysis by Jennifer Viegas

Tue Mar 13, 2012

Yanchep Beach in Western Australia was recently closed when a school of about 50 sharks, some over 8 feet long, engaged in a feeding frenzy less than half a mile from shore, according to PerthNow. The event was captured on video.

I wonder what terrified person may have been in the water when this frenzy started? Hopefully the frenzy happened too early for most vacationers. The beach was closed at 9:40 AM after pilots from Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter saw the sharks feeding hungrily on a school of fish.

Department of Fisheries shark research scientist Rory McAuley told PerthNow that it was a natural phenomenon, but that it happened unusually close to shore. He and others indicate that the sharks consisted of three species: blacktip reef sharks, spinner sharks, and copper sharks.

Shark diving more profitable than shark finning – And chumming does no harm: here.

2 thoughts on “Australian sharks’ feeding frenzy on video

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