New horned dinosaurs discovery

Unescoceratops koppelhusae (upper right) and Gryphoceratops morrisonii (lower left), new leptoceratopsid dinosaurs from Alberta, Canada. © Julius T. Csotonyi

From the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in the USA today:

Two new horned dinosaurs have been named based on fossils collected from Alberta, Canada. The new species, Unescopceratops koppelhusae and Gryphoceratops morrisoni, are from the Leptoceratopsidae family of horned dinosaurs. The herbivores lived during the Late Cretaceous period between 75 to 83 million years ago. The specimens are described in research published in the Jan. 24, 2012, online issue of the journal Cretaceous Research.

Birdlike Dinosaur About to Lay Eggs When Death Struck: here.

Why Huge Dinosaurs Had Such Tiny Babies: here.

The “[un]fair and [un]balanced” FOX News is now into fart stories, even ones that aren’t true. We don’t know where this fits in with creationism, but asserting that dinosaurs extinguished themselves with bodily gas emissions puts FOX the level of tabloids that assert “Cannibals Ate JFK’s Body as Part of Zombie Conspiracy”: here.


6 thoughts on “New horned dinosaurs discovery

  1. Dinos ‘may have warmed Earth‘

    BIOLOGY: Giant dinosaurs may have warmed the Earth by releasing millions of tons of methane a year, British scientists claimed on Monday.

    Researchers have calculated that the giant creatures produced 520 million tons of gas every year, which could have been a key factor in the warm climate 150 million years ago.

    The study was published in the journal Current Biology.

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