7 thoughts on “Pro-US Kazakhstan dictatorship kills workers

  1. Assisi, Italy, 23-26 August, 2012
    (draft prgramme)

    Thursday, August 23

    Democratic revolution in Tunisia: political Islam, the left and the
    socio-economic question

    Egypt: Restoration or revolution: the power triangle military – Islamists
    – Tahrir left

    Popular rebellion in Syria: is victory possible without giving in to

    Friday, August 24

    Hezbollah, the popular revolt and geo-politics

    The Palestinian resistance, the Arab revolt and the international
    solidarity movement

    Erdogan’s Turkey between neo-Ottomanism and the crisis of NATO

    Saturday, August 25

    The left in crisis over Libya: the NATO attack and the civil war.

    Greece: elections or revolution?

    Assembly of the Anti-imperialist Camp

    Sunday, August 26

    Italy: new movements emerging – is a united front possible?

    Round table: Globalisation vs. national sovereignty – answers to the
    crisis of the European Union and the Euro


    Political call:
    Tahrir – popular uprisings at our doors

    Camp Assisi 2004:

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