Polish industrial salt food scandal

This video from the USA is called Ban On Salt In Food At Restaurants?

Polish health authorities ordered the withdrawal of more than 230,000 kilogrammes of pickles, bread and other foodstuff suspected of containing industrial salt today: here.

Undernutrition and Overnutrition: Who’s Feeding Whom?. Jennifer Clapp, TripleCrisis: “De Schutter’s policy recommendations include a range of measures: impose taxes on unhealthy foods, regulate the amount of fats, salt and sugar in processed foods, curb advertising on junk food, cut agricultural subsidies and support local food systems that promote sustainable, diverse and healthy diets. All these suggestions are excellent. But there is one potential hitch that may slow down progress on these fronts: the vested interests of the transnational food companies”: here.

3 thoughts on “Polish industrial salt food scandal

    • Hi Peter, thank you for this addition.

      As a blogger, sometimes one can only mention a few sides of a complex issue, and then it is good that people like you reply mentioning other aspects.

      Poland is important on a world scale in production of various types of salt, and exports much of it.


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