Climbing perch, a walking fish video

Practical Fishkeeping says about this video:

This week’s video shows Climbing perches travelling across land under the cover of darkness to find a new pool, after the one in which they were living started to dry up. These fish use spikes on their gill covers to lever themselves across the mud – amazing!

This video says about itself:

Climbing perch (Anabas testudineus)

* Family: Anabantidae,

* Phylum: Chordata,

* Class: Actinopterygii,

* Order: Perciformes,

* Suborder: Anabantoidei,

* Type: Fish,

* Diet: Omnivore,

* Size: no data,

* Weight: 100-400g,

* Avarage lifespan in the wild: 1-8 years,

** Climbing Gouramis are so named due to their ability to “climb”. Anabantidae are a family of perciform fish commonly called the climbing gouramies or climbing perches.

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Griffon vulture baby hatching webcam

This video is about griffon vultures in France.

Amersfoort zoo in the Netherlands reports that they expect a griffon vulture baby to hatch from its egg, about 25 March.

A webcam showing the vulture parents at the nest, and, hopefully, the baby after about 25 March, is here.

The Amersfoort zoo vultures are injured birds which would not be able to survive in the wild.

June 2012. In the face of what has become a precipitous slide toward extinction across the Asian continent, the vultures of Cambodia have persisted, giving conservationists hope that these important scavengers can come back from the brink, according to authors from the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Royal Government of Cambodia, and other groups in a new study: here.