Stop bloody Afghan war

This video from Britain says about itself:

What is the true cost of the Afghanistan war

Narrated by Tony Benn. Music by Brian Eno.

Britain is spending tens of billions waging the unjustified war in Afghanistan, with horrific costs in the deaths of thousands of Afghan civilians, and of soldiers sent to kill and be killed. This video, narrated by Tony Benn with music by Brian Eno, dramatically conveys the cost of wars which are opposed by most people in Britain.

From the Stop the War Coalition in Britain:

Six more UK soldiers killed in Afghanistan

7 March 2012: Stop the War Coalition Statement

07 March 2012

Six more British soldiers are missing presumed dead in Afghanistan after an explosion destroyed their vehicle in Helmand today. If they have died it will mean the number of British deaths has reached 404.

The recent increase in attacks on NATO forces, including in high security areas of Kabul, show NATO is losing what grip it had of the country. The last few weeks have also seen the most widespread anti NATO demonstrations since the occupation began against the burning of the Koran on military bases.

Popular opposition to occupation is rising and negotiations with the Karzai government are deadlocked.

A NATO announcement of immediate withdrawal is the only way to resolve this disastrous situation.

The Afghan people must be allowed to chart their own futures. No more lives must be wasted in this doomed enterprise.

Six British troops in Afghanistan are missing presumed dead

The announcement by French President Nicolas Sarkozy that his troops would sharply accelerate their departure from Afghanistan cast a harsh light on potential cracks in the U.S.-led military coalition in the country: here.

Ann Jones: Playing the Game in Afghanistan: here.

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