16 thoughts on “Eastern Libya, a breakaway oil monarchy?

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  2. Nato man praises Libya bombing

    QATAR: The Nato soldier who led the bombing campaign against Libya praised Qatar’s role in the blitzkrieg in a speech to top brass in Doha on Sunday.

    Lieutenant General Joseph Bouchard said Qatari forces had bridged the cultural gap between Nato forces and local insurgents and “provided us with a strategic understanding of the Arab point of view of this, which was very important for leadership.”

    Lt Gen Bouchard said popular social media such as YouTube and Facebook had played a key role in the campaign. “We have to tailor our media to target different segments of people, officials, troops and mercenaries.”



  3. NATO ‘failed to aid’ Libyan migrant boat – Council of Europe

    29 March 2012 | 16:50 | FOCUS News Agency

    Tripoli. A report into the deaths of 63 Libyan refugees on a small boat last May said a “catalogue of errors” by coastguards and NATO meant they were never rescued, BBC reports.
    The Council of Europe inquiry says two NATO ships close by failed to respond to distress calls sent by coastguards.
    Only nine people survived the 15-day Mediterranean voyage after the boat ran out of fuel and drifted back to Libya.
    NATO has said it has no record of any of any aircraft or ship under its command making contact with the boat.
    However, it says other search and rescue missions were launched around this time.

    The report says some 1,500 people died at sea trying to reach Europe in 2011.



  4. Civilians report border clashes

    Libya: Residents of two Libyan towns near the western border with Tunisia have said that clashes have erupted between militias that control the area.

    There was no immediate word of casualties.

    Ragdalein militia spokesman Rami Kanaan reported that they captured 34 Zwara men on Sunday.

    Mr Kanaan said that the militia had decided to take action after months of abuses by a Zwara brigade, including the looting of property.

    Zwara local council head Abo-Bakr Taloa says 21 of his men were captured.



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