Birds of Gambia, bye bye

This video is about birdwatching in the Gambia.

15 February 2012 in Kotu in the Gambia.

After the “hamerkop pond” birds, it is time to go to the airport.

The bus passes the Sheraton hotel, with cattle egrets on its lawns.

We pass a sign along the road, which say: “Stop littering. Gambia is beautiful, Keep it clean”. The sign reminds me of the cattle egret which I saw flying this morning with a plastic bag entangled around its legs. Like in many other countries, there are much more signs for commercial promotion than for promoting the environment.

12:30: Banjul International Airport. Pied crows on trees. A hooded vulture flies past.

14:24: our plane takes off.

18:30: we pass the Strait of Gibraltar.

19:17: we fly over Madrid.

20:55: Lille, in northern France.

I may still blog on Gambia, if I find photographs which I forgot earlier; or if I find out how to post an iPhone made-music video on this blog, etc.

There are bird photos here.

Gambia 2012 – Bijilo Forest Park: here.

Africa is a dream birding destination, and if your African trip includes any of the 23 countries in the western part of the continent, you’ll want to be sure and take Birds of Western Africa along. This detailed field guide covers more than 1,200 birds in the region with full-color illustrations, and it’s well worth a browse even if you aren’t able to travel to Africa anytime soon.

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  1. 8 July 2011

    This step-by-step video shows how the women of Njau, Gambia recycle plastic bags into beautiful purses – and you can learn! Isatou Ceesay, narrator, is also the project manager for NRIGG, the Njau Recycling and Income Generating Group in The Gambia, West Africa. Learn more about this grassroots, fairtrade project at:


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