Saudi dictatorship arrests poet

This video is called Torture of Kenyans In Saudi Arabia.

From Al Jazeera:

Saudi poet’s arrest spurs online campaign

#FreeHabibNow trends globally.

Netizens took to Twitter on Friday to protest against the arrest of Saudi poet and photographer Habib Ali al-Maatiq. They campaigned using the hashtag #FreeHabibNow.

It is not clear why al-Maatiq was detained, but several Saudi sites say it was because he worked as a webmaster for the al-Fajr Cultural Network website, according to Al Akhbar English. The website, which has reported on the ongoing protests in Qatif, was shut down after al-Maatiq’s arrest.

“We are facing a new form of terrorism,” Al Akhbar cited a Saudi interior ministry official as saying in a statement. The arrest comes after the government of Saudi Arabia charged journalist Hamza Kashgari with apostasy for tweeting an imaginary conversation with the Prophet Mohammed.

At least seven young Shiite Muslims have been shot dead and several dozen wounded by security forces in Eastern Saudi Arabia in recent months: here.

11 thoughts on “Saudi dictatorship arrests poet

  1. Mystery attackers kill Saudi envoy

    BANGLADESH: Unknown assailants killed a Saudi diplomat in Dhaka early this morning.

    Khalaf Al Ali was found shot in the chest on a street in the Gulshan residential area just after midnight.

    Relations between the two countries have been tense since Saudi authorities beheaded eight Bangladeshi workers convicted of robbing and killing an Egyptian man.


  2. Sweden ‘helped Saudi build arms’

    SWEDEN: A government agency has secretly been collaborating with Saudi authorities on the construction of a factory to produce advanced weaponry for the Islamist absolute monarchy, state broadcaster Swedish Radio reported on Tuesday.

    It cited classified documents which indicate that the Swedish Defence Research Agency has been working on Project Simoom since 2007, when Stockholm and Riyadh signed a deal aimed at facilitating arms exports to the country by Swedish corporations.


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