Verreaux’ eagle owls in Gambia

Friday 10 February in the Gambia.

Verreaux' eagle owls, the Gambia, 10 February 2012

In a big tree near peanut fields, a male and a female Verreaux’ eagle owl sit, a meter away from each other. The, bigger, female is on the right.

I remember many years ago, in Amsterdam zoo, a Verreaux’ eagle owl got a fish for food. However, a free grey heron put its bill through the bars of the cage and stole the meal. The owl did not like that.

USA: A report of a Great Horned Owl nest in Golden Gate Park prompted three visits over the past 6 weeks. My first visit on Feb 5, 2012 found two chicks and the mother in a very large pine tree: here.

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