General strike in India

This video is called All-India strike by major trade unions today.

Millions of workers joined a one-day strike in India today in defence of public ownership and for stronger labour rights: here.

As many as a hundred million workers participated in a one-day, India-wide general strike Tuesday to protest against the socio-economic policies of the Congress Party-led United Progressive Alliance government: here.

3 thoughts on “General strike in India

  1. Communists salute striking workers

    INDIA: The politburo of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) has congratulated the millions of workers who took part in Tuesday’s general strike against the neoliberal economic policies being pursued by the United Progressive Alliance government.

    The CPI(M) declared that the action was a “huge success” in numerous industries — from mining and transport to telecoms and banking — and across local and national government departments.

    It noted that strikers had to “brave brutal attacks” and “large scale arrests” by the police and accused the ruling Trinamool Congress in West Bengal of unleashing “hoodlums” on striking workers.


  2. Activists rally over more price rises

    INDIA: The Communist Party of India (Marxist) and members of its affiliated trade unions rallied in Tamil Nadu on Monday against central government plans to bump up electricity charges.

    Protesters marched through Gandhipuram town insisting that Delhi scrap the 37 per cent tariff increase proposed by the electricity regulatory commission.

    They predicted that the hike will cripple small businesses and industries and branded it “ill-timed,” as people are still reeling from the impact of recent bus fare and milk price increases.


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