Temminck’s coursers and sunbirds

This is a video about Tendaba in the Gambia.

Sunday 12 February.

After yesterday, today in the morning, seven pink-backed pelicans in the Gambia river.

On the bank, two white wagtails.

Long-tailed glossy starlings.

Today, from Tendaba to the west, first to the surroundings of Kiang West National Park.

At our first stop: scarlet-chested sunbird.

A tawny-flanked prinia singing on a reed stem.

Greater blue-eared glossy starling.

Hooded crow; not as common in the interior as in the coastal area.

Then, special birds: Temminck’s coursers. Two flying away, three still walking around.

This is a Temminck’s courser video.

Pygmy sunbirds.

A chestnut-backed sparrow-lark.

11:45: a yellow-billed oxpecker on the back of a white and red-brownish cow. After some minutes, the cow rose and walked away, the oxpecker still on its back. A photo of that oxpecker is here.

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