Squacco herons and glossy starling

11 February 2012.

In Tendaba in the Gambia.

After the mangroves earlier today, again to “Tendaba airport“.

This is a squacco heron video.

Two squacco herons flying to the left. Later, a third squacco heron in the same direction: to a squacco heron sleeping tree?

Caspian terns standing in the water. A Caspian tern flies past with a sizable fish in its bill.

Lesser blue-eared glossy-starling in the bushes behind the water.

Very common within its range but uncommonly striking to birders who are unfamiliar with just how colorful starlings can be, the greater blue-eared starling is a magnificent bird with spectacular plumage that has to be seen to be believed: here.

4 thoughts on “Squacco herons and glossy starling

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