French warplanes kill Afghan civilians

This video from the USA is called Afghan Activist Malalai Joya Speaks in Minneapolis.

By Tom Mellen:

French bombs kill three in Afghanistan

Sunday 26 February 2012

French warplanes blitzed a village in Kapisa province today, killing three civilians including two children and wounding four.

Provincial council representative Khwaja Ghulam Mohammad Zmarai said that Nato personnel had launched the raid on Tagab district after residents passed on “inaccurate information” about the presence of Taliban militants in the area.

The deadly air strike was mounted less than two weeks after Nato bombers killed eight Afghan shepherds in the same province.

The strike underlined a sixth consecutive day [of] mass protests demanding the withdrawal of occupation forces in towns across Afghanistan which continue despite the best efforts of Hamid Karzai’s government to suppress them.

Officials said that police killed at least two demonstrators in northern Afghanistan today after a crowd fired on officers and threw grenades at a nearby US base, taking the death toll in the crackdown to at least 31.

Seven Nato troops were wounded in the grenade attack.

The militant demonstrations kicked off last Tuesday when it emerged that US soldiers had burned Korans at the US military base and detention camp at Bagram.

The rallies have developed into the biggest and most sustained protest against the occupation of Afghanistan since US forces invaded the impoverished country in late 2001.

Over 130,000 US-led troops are currently deployed in Afghanistan, ostensibly to bring security to the underdeveloped country.

But occupation forces are finding it increasingly difficult to secure themselves.

Nato ordered military personnel out of Afghan ministries on Saturday after a gunman killed a US lieutenant colonel and a major with shots to the back of the head inside the heavily guarded interior ministry building in Kabul.

Foreigners working at the US embassy and at international organisations have been banned from leaving their compounds.

US officials said they were searching for the assailant, who has not been identified by name or nationality.

Afghan media reported that it was a police intelligence officer, without citing a source.

Two more US soldiers were shot to death in Afghanistan Thursday by Afghan soldiers and an Afghan civilian instructor, the third such incident in the past ten days, since the burning of Korans at the main US airbase at Bagram touched off a wave of rebellion throughout the country: here.

The causes of the protests in Afghanistan: here.

Mass Burnings of Korans at Bagram Fuel Anti-Americanism. Michael L. Weinstein, Truthout: “By adding grist to the mill of escalating regional resentment, America’s own religious extremists, racists and anti-Muslim bigots within the military have ensured that they and their comrades in arms will continue to pay the awful price in spilled blood”: here.

Afghanistan: Violence against Nangarhar women on the rise. In addition to facing violence, they had no access to schools and clean drinking water: here.

13 thoughts on “French warplanes kill Afghan civilians

  1. NATO Air Raid Kills, Injures Seven Afghan Civilians

    Khaama Press
    February 26, 2012

    Afghan civilians killed and injured in NATO air raid
    By Ghanizada

    At least 7 Afghan civilians were killed and injured following a NATO air raid at Tagab district of eastern Kapisa province.

    A provincial council representative for eastern Kapisa proince said that at least 3 Afghan civilians including 2 children were killed and 4 others were injured following an air raid by French troops.

    Khwaja Ghulam Mohammad Zmarai, deputy provincial council for Kapisa province, said at least 3 civilians including 2 children and a man were killed and four others, who are residents of Joibar, were injured.

    Mr. Zmarai further added that the incident took place after French troops received inaccurate information in regards to the presence of Taliban militants by local residents.

    Provincial security officials confirming the reports said at least 2 children were killed during the air raid and no civilians were injured.

    This comes as a number of Afghan civilians were killed following a NATO air raid in the Nejrab district of eastern Kapisa province which was strongly condemned by the Afghan government.

    The Afghan House of Representatives following the incident had summoned the Afghan Interior Ministry to brief the Afghan MPs with the incident.

    In the meantime civilians casualties are also considered to be one of the vital issues between the Afghan government and International Security Assistance Forces.

    Afghan president Hamid Karzai condemned the civilian casualties and urged NATO officials to immediately halt air raids.


    Afghan War: Seven Americans Wounded In Attack On NATO Base

    February 26, 2012

    Seven Americans wounded in attack on NATO base in Afghanistan

    KUNDUZ: Seven U.S. military trainers were wounded on Sunday when protesters in Kunduz in northern Afghanistan threw a grenade at their base, provincial police chief Samihullah Qatra told reporters.

    NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) confirmed there had been an explosion outside one of its bases in northern Afghanistan, but declined to comment on casualties.

    (Reporting by Fraidoon Elhaam in Kunduz, Amie Ferris-Rotman in Kabul; Editing by Michael Georgy)


    Afghan Intelligence Officer Killed U.S. Military Advisers: Reports

    Deutsche Presse-Agentur
    February 26, 2012

    Afghan intelligence officer killed US military advisers: reports

    A 25-year-old Afghan intelligence officer has been identified as “the main suspect” in the killing of two US military advisers inside the Interior Ministry building in Kabul, media reports said Sunday, dpa reported.

    Abdul Saboor joined the police forces two years ago and had one of the highest security clearances in the ministry. He is now believed to be on the run, local television Tolo quoted senior Afghan security officials as saying.

    Security forces have already raided his house in the north-eastern province of Parwan, just north of Kabul, and have detained several of his relatives, according to the reports.

    NATO-led international forces have recalled their personnel working at various Afghan ministries after the killing.

    Saboor had served in several Afghan ministries and had worked at the interior ministry for some time, officials said.

    The killing of the US advisers came on the fifth day of deadly protests over the accidental burning of the Koran by US soldiers at Bagram air base. Investigators have not yet formally linked the killing to the incident, but it follows Taliban calls for revenge.


    Afghanistan: NATO Orders Personnel Withdrawn From Ministries

    The Province
    February 26, 2012

    NATO personnel ordered to withdraw

    The commander of the U.S.-led international force in Afghanistan withdrew all NATO personnel Saturday from government ministries in and around Kabul after two U.S. soldiers were killed inside the Afghan Interior Ministry.

    The killings of the two Americans inside the high-security Interior Ministry compound came on the fifth day of violent protests over the apparently inadvertent burning of Qur’ans and other religious materials at Bagram Air Base, the largest U.S. base in Afghanistan.

    They also are the latest in a rising number of attacks on members of the U.S.-led international force by Afghan security force members, known in U.S. military parlance as “green on blue” incidents.

    Gen. John R. Allen, commander of the U.S.led international force in Afghanistan, condemned the attack and announced the personnel recall.

    U.S. military officials confirmed two coalition personnel had been killed but did not say whether they were American, and added that they were still gathering information.

    However, a high-ranking Interior Ministry source, speaking on condition of anonymity, confirmed the dead were Americans.

    Allen’s order indicated that U.S. commanders are deeply concerned about the safety of American military personnel assigned as advisers to government ministries, including the defence and interior ministries, which sit at the heart of the Obama administration’s strategy of building up Afghan security forces as U.S.-led international combat forces withdraw by the end of 2014.

    Two U.S. soldiers were shot dead last week in Nangarhar province by a man wearing an Afghan National Army uniform during protests over the Qur’an burnings.

    Anti-American riots across the country the past week have left nearly 30 people dead and hundreds wounded.

    On Saturday, four demonstrators were killed and more than 50 were wounded in protests outside the United Nations compound in Kunduz, said a health department spokesman.


    Lithuania: NATO Commanders Inspect Afghan War Training Camp

    ISAF Joint Command
    February 22, 2012

    NATO’s Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe visited Lithuanian PRT camp

    -The PRT composition al-so includes military and civilian personnel from Georgia, Japan, the USA, Poland, Finland, Bulgaria and Ukraine.

    GHOR, Afghanistan: On Feb. 22, 2012, NATO Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe Lt. Gen. Richard Shirreff with the West Regional Commander, Brig. Gen. Luciano Portolano, and a delegation from the International Security Assistance Force Regional Command West, which Lithuania PRT is subordinate to, visited the Ghor PRT camp.

    During the visit, the PRT-14 commander, Col. Eligijus Senulis, presented PRT-14 shift and partners activities, the situation in the province, the threats and challenges. Guests were presented in Lithuanian, American and Japanese development projects and programs. Afghan National Army training team and Police operation mentoring liaison team – three commanders presented their activities.

    At the end of the visit, the NATO DSACEUR met with the PRT-14 soldiers…

    Currently, PRT-14, which is formed on the basis of the Lithuanian National Defence Volunteer Forces 5th territorial unit, Vytis Military district, is deployed in Afghanistan’s Ghor province.

    The Lithuanian-led Ghor Provincial Reconstruction Team is a joint civilian-military mission, part of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force, which started functioning in Ghor province in summer 2005.

    …The PRT composition also includes military and civilian personnel from Georgia, Japan, the USA, Poland, Finland, Bulgaria and Ukraine.


  2. Saakashvili: NATO Afghan Operation Provides Training For Local Conflicts

    Trend News Agency
    February 28, 2012

    Georgian Parliament honor memory of victims of war in Afghanistan
    N. Kirtzkhalia

    Tbilisi: The annual address of the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili in Parliament began with a minute of silence in honor of 15 Georgian military killed in Afghanistan. Saakashvili suggested that MPs, members of the government, the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia to commemorate the victims by standing.

    “The names of the military will be inscribed in golden letters in the history of Georgia,” Saakashvili said.

    Saakashvili noted that participation of the military in the operation of NATO in Afghanistan is strengthening Georgia and its armed forces.


    Labor Party Calls On Opposition To Demand Georgia’s Afghan Withdrawal

    Civil Georgia
    February 28, 2012

    Labor Party Calls on Opposition to Demand Georgia’s Afghan Withdrawal

    Tbilisi: The opposition Labor Party called on political parties in Georgia to sign a declaration that would demand withdrawal of 935-strong Georgian force from Afghanistan, which the authorities plan to further increase by sending an additional battalion this year.

    “The parties, which will not sign this declaration and will be in favor of presence of Georgian troops in Afghanistan, will be worse than Saakashvili is and the blood of Georgian soldiers will be on their hands,” Giorgi Gugava, political secretary of the Labor Party, said on February 28.

    The declaration says that President Saakashvili’s administration uses the large contribution to the ISAF for its own political purposes trying to secure the support of the West “to maintain his authoritarian rule” in Georgia, which is “discrediting Western values among the population.”

    Georgia has lost fifteen of its soldiers in Afghanistan – all of them in the Helmand province in the south of the country.

    The most recent fatalities were reported last week when three Georgian soldiers died as a result of an improvised explosive device attack on February 21.

    President Saakashvili said on February 25 that those who were against of Georgia’s contribution to the NATO-led operations in Afghanistan “are footmen of Putin and of Russia.”

    Asked whether he would downscale or increase Georgia’s ISAF contribution in case of coming into power, Bidzina Ivanishvili, leader of the Georgian Dream opposition coalition, responded in his recent interview published on February 27: “We should be proud of being partners of such states like the U.S. and other NATO members. This partnership requires our country to fulfill this mission in dignity.”

    “The necessity of whether to decrease or increase our military contingent [in Afghanistan] will be considered, but we will not stop aspiring towards the Euro-Atlantic space. On the contrary, we will intensify and accelerate it,” Ivanishvili said.

    One of the parties, which is likely to join the Labor Party’s declaration, is Free Georgia, led by former Conservative Party co-leader Kakha Kukava, which says that Georgia’s military presence in Afghanistan is “absolutely unjustified”.


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