Marabou storks and eagle owls in Gambia

Friday 10 February.

Baobolong camp in the Gambia.

Common bulbul singing.

Red-billed hornbill landing in a tree.

A fine-spotted woodpecker.

Long-tailed glossy starlings.

The bus leaves Janjanbureh island over the southern bridge.

After yesterday, we are going back to Tendaba today.

At 9:45, a marabou stork nesting colony in a group of tall trees.

This video is called Marabou Storks Eating, Grooming, Mating & Generaly Brooding.

Young marabou storks try to spread their wings and fly, maybe for the first time. A photo of this is here.

Just under the marabou storks’ nests are weavers‘ nests.

Mosque swallows. Red-chested swallows.

We continue to a big tree near peanut fields. There, a male and a female Verreaux’ eagle owl sit, a meter away from each other. A photo is here.

Here are two Verreaux’ eagle owl videos.

Not far away, an Abyssinian roller.

A pygmy sunbird.

11:29: along the main road, a short-toed eagle flying.

Then, a Wahlberg’s eagle.

A grey kestrel on a treetop.

Guinea baboons in a tree across the road.

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