Hippos, monkeys, birds in Gambia

9 February 2012.

Still on the boat on the Gambia river in the Gambia.

Intermediate egret.

Blue-breasted kingfisher.

Two tawny eagles on a palm tree.

African palm swifts.

A black-crowned night heron.

One of the reptiles of the Gambia: a central African rock python lies dead in the river water near the bank.

Further to the west. Collared pratincoles flying swiftly, just above the water.

Hippopotamus with baby, Gambia river,  9 February 2012

Then, two adult hippos and a baby, swimming and often diving.

Hippopotamus, Gambia river,  9 February 2012

Hippo, Gambia river,  9 February 2012

Guinea baboons in a palm tree.

Two white-backed vultures on another palm tree.

White-backed vultures, Gambia river, 9 February 2012

Baboons with a baby on the bank under a tree.

A female western red colobus monkey with a baby, eating a tree’s last leaves.

Red colobus monkey, Gambia river, 12 February 2012

Fences to keep Gambian hippos out of ricefields: here.

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