Corporate greed kills retired worker

This video from the USA is called Detroit firefighter discusses utility shutoffs and budget cuts.

By Lawrence Porter in the USA:

Retired autoworker in Flint, Michigan dies after utilities are shut off

23 February 2012

Early Monday morning neighbors found 86-year-old John Morgan, a retired Flint autoworker, dead in his truck parked outside in his driveway on Parkway Avenue. Morgan died a few days after the local utility company shut off his electricity for a bill of $291.

Flint is a city where the autoworkers union made history 75 years ago in its struggle against the largest company in the world at that time, General Motors. Today, it is a ghost town, with many areas blighted, including the street Morgan lived on, because of the massive job cuts carried out by the automaker in the 1980s and 1990s.

Officials say they are awaiting autopsy reports to determine the exact cause of death, as Morgan had various health problems. However, there was immediate widespread anger that another elderly worker has died because he was trying to stay warm.

According to some of those who knew him, Morgan used his home electricity to charge his car battery. When the electricity was cut off, he apparently lost both heat for his home and for his vehicle.

Autopsy shows retired Michigan auto worker froze to death after utility shutoff: here.

A report on employment published by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee reveals a decline over four decades that has affected African-American men in particular: here.

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