Austerity kills

India’s largest communist party called on the government today to press neighbouring Sri Lanka to probe widespread allegations of war crimes committed by the military during its sustained assault on Tamil separatists in 2009: here.

Britain was condemned today for continuing to supply arms to Sri Lanka despite evidence of appalling atrocities committed by the regime: here.

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished shows horrific scenes of the closing days of the campaign against the LTTE and the thousands of civilians caught up in it: here.

Colombo-New Delhi relations have been strained since India voted for a US-backed resolution on human rights abuses in Sri Lanka: here.

Opposition to the Sri Lankan government has intensified after the killing of an innocent fisherman protesting against IMF austerity measures: here.

Hundreds of thousands of workers demonstrated in 57 Spanish cities on Sunday against the latest labour reform passed by the right wing Popular Party (PP): here.

5 thoughts on “Austerity kills

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