Anti-US occupation demonstration in Afghanistan

This video is called Koran Burning at Bagram Air Base Draws the Ire of Thousands.

Three thousand Afghans rallied outside the US military base in Bagram today following reports that personnel station there had burned copies of the Koran: here.

Photos are here.

Afghanistan: Dozens Wounded In Demonstrations Over Quran-Burning At NATO Base: here.

USA: Last Friday, 87 House members sent a letter to President Obama stating support for a plan to accelerate the end of combat operations in Afghanistan (as announced by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta earlier this month): here.

15 thoughts on “Anti-US occupation demonstration in Afghanistan

  1. Seven dead in Afghan protest against “Koran burning”

    22 February 2012, 16:18 (GMT+04:00)

    At least seven protesters died and dozens were injured Wednesday when thousands of Afghans demonstrated against alleged Koran burning by international troops, officials said.

    In Parwan province, just north of Kabul, six people were killed and 13 injured in Shinwari district, said Roshana Khalid, spokeswoman for the provincial governor, DPA reported.

    “The protesters tried to storm the district headquarters and started attacking the Afghan police with live fire,” she said.

    Khalid said the protesters hurled rocks and fired guns at the police. “They vandalized private and police vehicles,” she said.

    Another protester in the eastern city of Jalalabad, 150 kilometres south-east of the capital, was shot dead, an official said.

    On Monday, foreign troops “improperly disposed” of Islamic religious materials, including copies of the Koran, at the Bagram air base, according to the NATO-led coalition.


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