To Tendaba in Gambia

7 February 2012.

We left the vultures behind, and continued to the east.

13:22: Kalagi village.

We arrive at a bridge over a tributary of the Gambia river, marking the border between the Western and Lower River divisions of Gambia.

On the north bank of the river: a great egret.

This is a great egret video.

In a restaurant garden: long-tailed glossy starlings.

Long-tailed glossy starlings, Gambia, 8 February 2012

Near the bridge, small mangrove plants have been planted, in rows, as part of a mangrove restoration project.

15:05: a big tree with many buffalo weaver nests.

Namaqua doves flying.

A fork-tailed drongo in a tree.

An oxpecker on a calf’s back along the dirt road to Tendaba camp.

We arrive at Tendaba camp.

This video is about Tendaba.

In a big tree near the river, hooded vultures.

In a small tree, a long-tailed glossy starling sings.

A western reef heron wading near the Gambia river bank.

A hamerkop on the bank.

In the river, a pink-backed pelican swimming.

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