Bird news roundup

This is a video on ring-necked parakeets in India.

February 2012: A parrot in captivity is one of the more visible symbols of illegal trade in India, where all native wildlife receives full protection. To help enforcement officers identify native parrot species, TRAFFIC India has produced an identification poster: here.

Britain: February 2012. Birds are soaring above the economic downturn. When a recent poll posed the question: “Are you cutting back on feeding the birds this winter as a result of pressure on household budgets?”, it emerged that birds bring enjoyment that people cannot live without. Two thirds of respondents to the Omnibus poll fed birds in their garden and, of these, 88% said that they would not be making any cut backs. Spending commitments of older (66+) garden bird enthusiasts were particularly robust: here.

February 2012: Six hectares of former peat workings are having a wildlife-friendly makeover to make a new home for bitterns at Natural England’s Shapwick Heath National Nature Reserve in Somerset: here.

February 2012: South Georgia Heritage Trust has been awarded £250,000 of UK Government money to help fund an ambitious rat eradication programme aimed at stopping catastrophic devastation of the island’s unique wildlife: here.

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