11 thoughts on “Workers fight back against austerity

  1. Frankfurt strike to be extended

    GERMANY: A strike by ground workers at Frankfurt airport forced bosses to cancel 231 flights today and the GdF union now says it will extend the strike into Wednesday morning.

    Airline Lufthansa said passengers were being offered refunds or the opportunity to rebook free of charge for flights cancelled by the strike.

    GdF, which represents ground workers and air traffic controllers, has been locked in a pay dispute with Fraport AG for months.

    The strike was launched last Thursday after the company rejected an arbitration panel’s recommendations as excessive.


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  3. Airport staff strike extended further

    GERMANY: Frankfurt airport ground workers are extending their strike until Friday to press demands for more pay from airport operator Fraport AG.

    The strike, which began last week, has already led to the cancellation of hundreds of flights and delays at the airport — Europe’s third busiest — which sees around 1,300 takeoffs and landings daily.

    Fraport said yesterday the workers’ demands for double-digit wage increases were “absolutely unacceptable” but their union GdF said it just wanted the Frankfurt workers’ salaries brought in line with what other airports pay.


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  6. Airport ground staff strike again

    GERMANY: Frankfurt Airport ground staff resumed their strike for five days from today after union reps and airport operator Fraport failed to reach a deal in talks on Friday evening.

    The GdF union is demanding higher pay, increased bonuses and shorter working hours for the 200 tarmac traffic controllers, who have been striking since February 16.

    They suspended the action while the talks took place.


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  8. Workers occupy Chicago plant a second time over closure threat

    Workers at the former Republic Windows and Doors Goose Island factory near Chicago staged a reoccupation of their plant February 23 after the new management announced they would shutter the facility that was occupied in 2008 when a similar attempt was made to close the factory. When the United Electrical Workers (UE) union returned from negotiations with the current owner, Serious Energy, to inform members that the plant was to be closed immediately, some 70 workers voted to occupy the plant until the company relented. Eleven hours later, Serious Energy management agreed to keep the plant open for another 90 days while a buyer is sought.

    In 2008, Republic Windows and Doors received $25 billion in bailout funds for the Federal Government, while at the same time they fired the 250 workers at the Goose Island plant without notice and in violation of the WARN Act which requires 60 days notice before the final termination of workers. The Goose Island workers carried out a 6-day occupation of the plant demanding severance pay and that Bank of America reopen the company’s credit line. Finally, Serious Energy emerged as a buyer for the facility.


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  11. Manufacturer Foxconn forced to improve union elections

    Monday 04 February 2013

    Taiwanese manufacturer Foxconn admitted today that it had been forced to open up union elections at its factories in China, which make gadgets including Apple’s iPhone.

    It follows recommendations by a panel hired by Apple to audit conditions for Foxconn’s 1.2 million workers in China.

    Apple forced Foxconn to open up its factories to inspection by the Fair Labour Association, which pointed out problems with union representation, long hours, low pay and safety.

    The current chairman of Foxconn’s trade union in China is Chen Peng, a senior member of the firm’s management.

    Foxconn has previously been criticised for policies that allegedly led to a dozen workers’ suicides.

    It said it will allow elections for a chairman and 20 members of its Federation of Labour Unions Committee every five years.


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