Grey-headed and kelp gulls on Gambia beach

Grey-headed gull on Tanji beach, 5 February 2012

This photo of a grey-headed gull was taken on Tanji beach, the Gambia, on 5 February 2012.

Tanji fishing village, with its fish waste, attracts many gulls of various species.

Kelp gull, left, and lesser black-backed gull, right, on Tanji beach, 5 February 2012

Including even some kelp gulls from the southern hemisphere, rare in the Gambia. They are a bit bigger than similar looking, more common lesser black-backed gulls.

Kelp gull on Tanji beach, 5 February 2012

Like most seagulls, the kelp gull is an opportunist. It will catch fish and other small prey, but it’s not above scavenging at landfill sites. And off the southern coast of Argentina, some kelp gulls have developed a taste for whale: here.

Alarming decrease of waterbird populations in West Africa: here.

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