Bahrain dictatorship’s oppression continues

This video is called Inside Story Americas – US double standards in Bahrain.

The government crackdown on protests in Bahrain continued this week, with the violent dispersal of Monday’s mass demonstration followed by days of reprisals against working class youth and opposition figures: here.

This video is called British cop heads oppression in Bahrain.

From the Daily Hampshire Gazettte in the USA:

Human rights activist Paki Wieland of Northampton returns from Bahrain


Gazette Contributing Writer

Saturday, February 18, 2012

NORTHAMPTON – After being detained in Bahrain and deported by its authorities, Northampton resident and human rights activist Paki Wieland says she remains resolute to stand with its people to welcome a new era of democracy and freedom.

Wieland, along with five other American observers, were detained earlier this week at a road block on “trumped-up” charges, she said, then deported about 12 hours later.

Wieland told a group of about 25 at the First Churches of Northampton on Friday afternoon about her experience as an observer and activist as part of “Witness Bahrain,” an effort to provide a civilian presence to report and monitor the government’s response to demonstrations marking the one-year anniversary of the “Arab Spring” pro-democracy protests.

From the Kuwait Times:

Kuwaiti held for demonstrating in Bahrain

KUWAIT: Bahraini authorities arrested a Kuwaiti teenager accused of taking part in demonstrations carried out by the opposition at the island-kingdom recently, says a report quoting diplomatic sources familiar with the subject.

Speaking anonymously because they are not authorized to talk to the media about the subject, the sources told Al-Qabas that the 17-year-old came to Bahrain a few days ago with his family “before he was lured to take part in the protests”. He remains in custody of Bahraini authorities pending investigations on charges that include taking part in illegal activities, the sources confirmed.

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