Rare bee on Texel island

Banded mining-bee, (C) Josef Dvorak www.biolib.cz for BWARS

Translated from the blog of Staatsbosbeheer on Texel island, the Netherlands (about the surroundings of De Cocksdorp village):

Banded mining-bee seen last year near Dorpzicht

Posted on February 16, 2012

I caught a banded mining-bee in April on a flower rich grassland along the Roggesloot at Dorpzicht. This is the third sighting of this species on the island. Earlier (in 2004) I saw a female at Ottersaat and Menno Reemer saw one in Spang. Presumably, this species is present on Texel in small numbers, scattered over the island.

4 thoughts on “Rare bee on Texel island

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