Gambia, Kotu birds, second day

Western reef heron and great egret, Kotu

Thursday 2 February. Like yesterday, again a walk in the surroundings of Kotu. Where we saw this western reef heron and great egret.

Grey-headed gulls.

A pied kingfisher catches a small fish.

A grey heron.

A common sandpiper.

A spur-winged plover on a small beach.

Spur-winged plover in field near Kotu, 1 February 2012

A squacco heron flies away. A black kite flying.

A pied crow.

A piapiac.

Near the bridge, a greenshank wading.

A great egret.

Senegal thick-knees on the bank.

Ringed plover.

Whimbrel, redshank, on the river bank as well.

Western plantain-eater at Kotu bridge

A western plantain-eater sitting on one of the wires across the river.

Pied kingfishers sit on those wires as well. Sometimes in groups of four birds, often looking down to see if there are any fish in the water.

Pied kingfishers at Kotu bridge

Pied kingfishers at Kotu Bridge

A grey plover on the bank.

A yellow wagtail between the mangrove roots.

A wire-tailed swallow sitting on a pole in the water.

African jacana. Sacred ibis.

An African monarch butterfly.

A grey-headed kingfisher on a fence.

Long-tailed glossy starlings on a tree.

Kotu Pond is really a sewage farm. Nevertheless, there are many birds. Including cattle and intermediate egrets. A little grebe swimming.

A little swift flying.

White-billed buffalo weavers. A yellow-billed shrike.

A beautiful sunbird.

In the same tree, a bearded barbet.

Back to the bridge. Blue-cheecked bee-eaters sitting on the wires now.

A long-tailed cormorant diving in the river.

We arrive at the building of the Gambian Birdwatchers Association.

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