Bahrain dictatorship vs. democracy news roundup

That there are many beautiful birds in Gambia does not mean that dictatorship and resistance against it in Bahrain have stopped. A news roundup.

This video is called Critics call for more democratic reform in Bahrain.

Amnesty says Bahrain government failing to reform: here.

Bahrain: still no justice one year after protests began.

Bahrain Teenager’s Death Shows Tensions Persist Year After Popular Revolt: here.

Bahrain: ITUC Denounces the Ongoing Failure to Reinstate Workers: here.

Bahrain Curbs Freedom of Expression With Trials: here.

Bahrain’s Interior Ministry has hired the heavy-handed former police chief of Philadelphia and Miami: here.

Wife fears torture after arrested Canadian Naser al-Raas held in ‘one of the worst prisons’ in Bahrain: here.

Raas released: here.

An Ottawa man who was arrested in Bahrain and allegedly tortured in prison has won his court case, but says he won’t feel safe returning to the airport for a flight out of the country without a representative from Canada at his side: here.

Obama Administration Quietly Selling Arms to Bahrain Despite Continuing Human Rights Abuses: here.

Arms deal to Bahrain uncovers foreign policy hypocrisy: here.

The aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72) departed Bahrain, Feb. 5, following a four-day port visit: here.

New clashes in eastern Saudi Arabia kill one – Bahrain police teargas protesters.

From Anonymous:

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

#Anonymous target Bahrain, US munitions manufacturer

Anonymous has affixed its digital crosshairs on Jamestown, PN based chemical munitions manufacturer Combined Tactical Systems on the anniversary of Bahrain’s protest movement that began one year ago.

“From the streets of Oakland to Tahrir Square, to Palestine, Greece, Bahrain and Syria, your sinister instruments of torture and brutality have been used by the vile swine enforcers of the rich ruling classes to repress our revolutionary movements,” read the statement.

The chemical munitions stamped with “Made in USA” connected violent crackdowns to US policy for many protesters.

Bahrain: Tweeting the Revolution’s First Anniversary: here.

Bahrain blocks return to Martyrs’ Square on revolt anniversary: here.

Six US activists arrested in Bahrain while monitoring military crackdown: here.

This video is called Activists with Witness Bahrain being arrested.

This video is called Update from Bahrain: Police Arrest Protesters, Beat Women.

Authorities in Bahrain on Sunday arrested a prominent female activist and deported two US citizens as clashes between police and pro-reform protesters continued ahead of the first anniversary of the February 14th revolution: here.

Foreign reporters denied visas ahead of first anniversary of uprising: here.

A Tense Bahrain Awaits Anniversary of Uprising (Video): here.

Isn’t it time we backed Bahrain’s revolution? Here.

Formula One: British lawmakers ask FIA to reconsider Bahrain race, putting 2012 and 2013 events in jeopardy: here.

Why this year’s Bahrain Grand Prix should not be taking place: here.

Bahrain Grand Prix must be cancelled says group of prominent British peers: here.

Football: Made a pariah in his native Bahrain for taking part in pro-democracy demonstrations, Brisbane defender Mohamed Adnan tells Phil Lutton of his incredible road to the Roar and why he still yearns to represent the country that cast him aside: here.

Bahrain continues mistreatment of handball referees: here.

Bahrain King Unironically Slams Assad for Not Listening to Protesters: here.

Congressmen Urge NGO Access, Fundamental Freedoms in Bahrain: here.

Bahrain: Jailed activists begin hunger strike | Index on Censorship: here.

Bahrain Special: Candles, Balloons, and Molotov Cocktails: here.

In Bahrain, international community quiet as crackdown on dissent continues: here.

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