More birds, other wildlife, in Dutch nature reserve

The Dutch natural history society KNNV, Wageningen town branch, reports that recent pro wildlife measures in nature reserve Bovenste Polder near Wageningen are working.

This is a bluethroat video.

Translated from the report:

443 plant species were found. Of those, thirteen are on the red list of species endangered in the Netherlands, including the rare milk parsley and the awl-leaf mudwort, only five centimeter in size. There were 109 fungi species found, five of which are on the red list. Mycena pseudocorticola, very rare in the Netherlands was even common in the area.

808 breeding territories

In 2010, sixty-six breeding birds species were found to have nested in the area, forty percent more than in 1982. All breeding birds together had 808 territories. Compared to thirty years ago, almost a fourfold increase. The results show how interventions in the area such as the digging of the secondary channel, but also the nature of the management have had positive effects. A total of 13 endangered breeding bird species were observed. Notable species included European penduline tit, great reed warbler, snipe [see also here], little ringed plover, water rail [see also here], grasshopper warbler [see also here], bluethroat and stonechat.

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