Bahrain regime keeps killing

Bahrain must investigate more than a dozen deaths that followed the use of tear gas by security forces, rights group Amnesty International said on Thursday after the Gulf kingdom reported that a man had died while in custody: here. And here.

Four activists have died in the past 24 hours in Bahrain. Hajj Ali Al-Sukari and Abbas Sheikh both died from inhaling tear gas that was fired by Saudi-backed forces during anti-regime rallies. According to the report released by Amnesty International, the use of tear gas against protesters has increased and become more deadly in recent days. More than a dozen deaths have already been attributed to tear gas inhalation, including women and children. Saeed Fakher, also an anti-regime protester, was tortured to death while in custody of security forces. Muhammad Ali Ya’qhoub died after being run over by a Bahraini police car. Some witnesses said it was not the injuries sustained from the car accident, but that Ya’qhoub died from being tortured at the police station after the incident: here.

Bahraini protester tortured to death: opposition: here.

Protests in Bahrain after detainee dies in police custody: here.

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