Bahrain snipe ringed

Fortunately, doctors being tortured for treating patients, and people dying from teargas are not the only things happening in Bahrain.

Bahrain snipe being ringed

From Birds of Saudi Arabia blog (where there are more beautiful photos):

24 Jan 2012

Common Snipe (New Ringing Tick) – Bahrain Alba Marshes

Whilst ringing at Alba Marshes in Bahrain last weekend we caught a Common Snipe which is a new ringing species for me. It was caught in a single panel net that was set in between some small pools and low vegetation.

We have caught Jack Snipe in a similar location in Alba Marsh before but I have not seen Common Snipe in the hand and it was a beautiful bird. They are not very good models though and do not really like their pictures being taken even though I let the bird know it was going to be on the internet later.

Brendan mentioned that he liked ringing Common Snipe as there was a better than normal recovery rate of ringed Snipe as they are a popular bird to hunt over much of their range. I would rather the bird live a long and happy life than be shot, but it would be very interesting to see where these birds spend the summer months.

Nabeel Rajab, Bahraini Human Rights Activist: Tunisia’s Support is a “Moral Obligation”: here.

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