Sanderling and merganser

Today, looking for birds on Goeree island.

In Stellendam harbour, tufted and gadwall ducks.

Great crested grebes.

At the wetland not far from the harbour: curlews and oystercatchers.

In a meadow, a group of gray lag geese, with some white-fronted geese.

A bit further, brent geese.

Then, Volgerland nature reserve. Northern lapwings. Shelducks. Great black-backed gulls. Wigeon swimming.

Shoveler ducks. A female common pochard.

Then, we arrive at the Brouwersdam, the dike between Goeree and Schouwen islands.

A sanderling on a small beach.

Common gulls.

Turnstones on the dike.

A male common scoter swimming.

This is a common scoter video from Norway, where they nest.

Two red-breasted merganser males.

No seals near the Brouwersdam today; maybe because there is much wind?

I will tell about the birds on Schouwen today in another blog post.

5 thoughts on “Sanderling and merganser

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