Nigerians keep protesting

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Police tear-gas fuel protesters

NIGERIA: Police fired tear gas this morning at peaceful protesters angry over the deployment of soldiers to stop fuel protests in Lagos.

At least one protester collapsed after succumbing to the gas. Police declined to comment immediately.

President Goodluck Jonathan deployed troops and tanks around the country and sealed off the main protest ground in Lagos after setting a maximum price for petrol of 97 naira (39p) per litre on Monday.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan is using a spate of terrorist bombings to justify measures aimed at growing working class opposition to his rule: here.

3 thoughts on “Nigerians keep protesting

  1. Chevron calls off rig fire search

    Nigeria: Two foreign workers are presumed dead after an offshore rig exploded.

    Chevron said on Thursday that it had stopped searching for the workers after rescuing 152 others from the platform six miles off Nigeria’s coast.

    The fire, still burning yesterday after five days, started just over three weeks after an offshore well operated by Royal Dutch Shell leaked around 40,000 barrels into the Atlantic Ocean.


  2. Research institute workers in Nigeria step up their action

    Workers in research institutes began a nationwide all-out strike last week demanding payment of arrears outstanding for the period July 2009 to June 2010.

    Research institute workers in south-western Nigeria represented by the Joint Research and Allied Institutions Sector Union have vowed to step up their action by refusing to allow anyone to enter or leave the research institutes they are picketing in their dispute.


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