Dutch arms sales to dictatorships?

This video is called Deadly Egypt Riots: Desperate Mubarak’s Army vs People.

Translated from Nieuwsuur TV in the Netherlands:

Unrest over arms deals

Added: Thursday, January 19, 2012, 15:02

In the Dutch Parliament alarm is growing about arms deals which the government is considering to make with countries that are controversial. Tonight in Nieuwsuur political reactions and conversations with the ministers Hillen and Rosenthal. Will they continue with those deals despite the opposition of the House?


Thus, the Netherlands are said to negotiate with Indonesia, about the sale of Leopard tanks discarded [by the Dutch army]. For Minister Hillen

Minister of war … err … of “defence”

this is interesting, because the proceeds from a possible deal could be used to soften cuts in the armed forces. Parliament has decided that supply to Indonesia is not allowed because the weapons can be deployed against its own people.


The MP Voordewind (Christian Union) has evidence that the Netherlands has plans to deliver to Egypt as well. Also on this country, Parliament ruled that arms deals are not currently allowed. Minister Rosenthal [of foreign affairs] has an afternoon meeting with Joel Voordewind, who proposed the decision on Egypt. Previously it had been showed that Dutch material was used during the unrest in Bahrain and in Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt.

So, earlier this year, the Dutch government decided to stop foreign aid to Egypt, which had continued all the time during the Mubarak dictatorship. The decision to stop the aid was just after the fall of Mubarak. It seemed the Rightist minority government in the Netherlands feared more democracy in Egypt. However, now that the military junta in Egypt continues with at least some of the brutal practices of Mubarak, they want to sell the top brass in Cairo Dutch arms.

‘We want to continue our Revolution!’ – say Egyptian workers, students and youth: here.

5 thoughts on “Dutch arms sales to dictatorships?

  1. Global Day to support the Egyptian revolution

    on Saturday, Jan 21st. 2012

    Egyptian & Egyptian Solidarity Groups Rally to Support Egyptian Revolution’s Demands on the
    Anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution
    Global Event: The Struggle Continues

    Global Day to support the Egyptian revolution on Jan 21st. 2012 in New York, Washington DC, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Melbourne, Sydney, Paris, Rome, and other cities continuing to join.

    New York City, NY— During the 18 days from Jan 25th to Feb 11th, 2011, the whole world witnessed millions of Egyptian protesters marching in the streets of Egypt and protesting in Tahrir Square, demanding their basic human rights: dignity, freedom, and social justice. After decades of patience and suffering, Egyptians finally spoke out loudly and peacefully demanding the fall of a police-based authoritarian regime, the end of Mubarak’s dictatorship, and the establishment of a civilian, democratic state. Under the maximal pressure exerted by Egyptians, Mubarak was toppled. The Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF) took charge in leading the country through the transitional stage. At that time, SCAF members and military personnel were regarded as heroes.

    After almost one year since those unforgettable, historical days of the Egyptian revolution, the status quo in Egypt is worsening. The post-revolution rulers of Egypt publicly claim to work towards the safety and stability of the country, while they continue the implementation of the emergency law, detaining innocent citizens without trial, Under their authority, thousands of civilians are subjected to military courts as they are confined and tortured in prison. The Egyptian military has actively participated in killing protesters, using prohibited weapons against peaceful demonstrations, kidnapping and defaming revolutionists using state-owned media, as well as targeting, torturing, and sexually assaulting women. These inhuman and terrible actions justify the shared belief among many Egyptians at home and abroad, that the members of the SCAF are leading and orchestrating the actions of anti-revolution forces to diminish the gains of the revolution.

    For these reasons, Egyptian revolutionists have decided to go back to Tahrir Square and the streets all over Egypt on January 25th, 2012, the first anniversary of the revolution. They have decided that the revolution must continue until the complete and genuine achievement of all of the revolution’s goals. Egyptians decided to stand up peacefully again for their rights and for their stolen dream of a democratic state that respects and values its citizens. In solidarity with the Egyptian revolutionists, Egyptians & Egyptian Solidarity Groups and human rights groups are organizing a global day of rallies to support the Egyptian revolution on January 21st, 2012.

    Accordingly, we call upon those inspired by, or those who supported the Egyptian revolution to demand the support of their government to the Egyptian revolution. We ask every freedom supporter to join us in requesting from the current rulers of Egypt to act immediately on the following demands:

    Immediate and complete transfer of power from SCAF to the elected parliament, and for the parliament to act immediately on:
    1. Honoring morally as well as financially the families of 900+ protesters murdered and those injured during the Egyptian revolution, over the last year.

    2. Immediate release of the 13,000+ detainees and end to all military trials of civilians.

    3. Abolish military tribunals for civilians.

    4. Bring to justice all government officials accountable, all who gave or executed orders to kill protesters over the past 12 months.

    For the US government – The immediate end of exportations from the US government and US companies of tear gas and torture tools used on Egyptian civilian protesters, as well as weapons used on detainees.

    For more information about our global events, check the following pages:
    NYC, https://www.facebook.com/events/260847190641653/
    Chicago, https://www.facebook.com/events/333069303378244/
    Washington DC: https://www.facebook.com/events/267428249983815/
    Dallas: https://www.facebook.com/events/126133287506194/
    Boston: https://www.facebook.com/​events/307379872639634/
    Minnesota: https://www.facebook.com/events/294341487283937/
    Toronto: https://www.facebook.com/events/331641186860592/
    Ottawa: https://www.facebook.com/events/273368782718567/
    Norway, Oslo: https://www.facebook.com/​events/294341487283937/
    Paris – France: https://www.facebook.com/pages/-2012/144117872368159
    Australia, Melbourne: https://www.facebook.com/events/356382054388578/
    Australia, Sydney: https://www.facebook.com/events/311848415521264/


  2. Open brief aangaande verkoop Leopard tanks:

    Datum: 15 mei 2012


    Met verbijstering hebben wij vernomen dat het demissionair kabinet alsnog tot verkoop van de Leopard tanks wil over gaan. Namens het Papoea volk in West-Papoea en het AlifURU volk in de Molukken willen wij krachtig protesteren tegen de voorgenomen verkoop omdat:

    De opbouw van het Indonesische leger in West-Papoea en de Molukken steeds verder wordt opgevoerd;

    Indonesië nog steeds op grote schaal de mensenrechten schendt in de Molukken en West-Papoea;

    Indonesië in West-Papoea en de Molukken sinds een aantal jaren in versneld tempo bezig is bestaande geasfalteerde wegen te verbreden en te verstevigen en nieuwe aan te leggen. Dit biedt mogelijkheden voor snelle troepenverplaatsing en om eventueel overal tanks in te zetten;

    In de Molukken en West-Papoea begaat Indonesië oorlogsmisdaden en misdaden tegen de menselijkheid.

    Juist, omdat Indonesië de mensenrechten in de Molukken en West-Papoea met handen en voeten treedt, heeft een meerderheid van de Tweede Kamer zich uitgesproken tegen de verkoop van Leopard tanks aan Indonesië. Het vervult ons dan ook met afschuw te moeten constateren dat de demissionaire regering de verkoop van de tanks aan Indonesië gebruikt om haar begrotingstekorten te verminderen.

    Wij vrezen dan ook dat het Molukse AlifURU volk en het Papoea volk de afrekening van deze verkoop zullen voelen.

    Het is onaanvaardbaar en inhumaan om de begrotingstekorten van Nederland af te wentelen op beide volken die geheel buiten de financiële situatie van Nederland staan en hier geen enkel schuld aan hebben, maar wel de tol voor dit beleid moeten betalen.

    Tot slot willen wij U er nogmaals op attenderen dat een meerderheid van de Tweede Kamer zich heeft uitgesproken tegen de levering van de Leopard tanks. In een democratisch land als Nederland zult u zich juist nu als demissionaire regering hier aan moeten houden.


    namens het Papua volk,
    Oridek Ap, Free West Papua Campaign (NL)

    namens het Molukse AlifURU volk,
    Danny Turubassa, Front Siwa Lima
    Robert Assenberg, Stichting Saka Mese Nusa AlifURU


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  4. Geen tanks naar Indonesië

    Zoals bekend heeft de Tweede Kamer de voorgenomen zending van tanks naar Indonesië afgestemd. Terecht, gezien de wetten die Indonesië onlangs zelf heeft aangenomen.

    Op 11 april 2012 nam het Indonesische parlement een wet op sociale conflicten aan (Penanganan Konflik Sosial). Officieel bedoelt men met deze ‘sociale’ conflicten ruzies tussen bevolkingsgroepen, dus etnische of religieuze onenigheden. In werkelijkheid gaat het voor het merendeel om landroof of sociale conflicten zoals wij in Nederland kennen. Deze wet regelt dat het leger de bevoegdheid heeft om in te grijpen. Zij is daarom zeer omstreden, omdat landroof door plantages, zoals die al in de tijd van Multatuli plaats vonden en ook later als koloniale misstanden golden, nu feitelijk worden gelegaliseerd.

    Volgens het Consortium voor landhervorming ( Konsorsium Pembaruan Agrariawaren er in 2011 163 agrarische conflictren. Daarbij werden 22 boeren of verwanten gedood en minstens 120 mensen werden door geweerschoten gewond. 69,975 gezinnen warden door deze vormen van landroof getroffen en 472,048.44 hectaren werden op deze manier “onteigend”.

    Grijpt het leger in, dan kiest het partij voor de grote landeigenaren, die zelf formeel hun handen schoon houden, maar werken met bendes hooligans of corrupte politieambtenaren om kleine boeren te verdrijven. Ook dat kennen we van Multatuli (‘Vrije Arbeid’) en uit de historische romans van Pramudja Ananda Toer, die in Indonesië nog steeds verboden zijn.

    Hidup Biasa

    Dit bericht wordt verspreid via het VredesNieuws-systeem. 21-07-2012


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