Anti-semitism at London School of Economics

This video from Britain is called The LSE Problem Part I.

As if the London School of Economics did not have enough scandals already … like their links to dodgy people like the Gadaffi dynasty, Tony Blair, and a Canadian billionaire alleged corporate crook called Victor Phillip Dahdaleh

today, from British daily The Morning Star:

Uni to probe anti-semitic student attack

Monday 16 January 2012

by Louise Nousratpour

The London School of Economics (LSE) was investigating allegations today that a Jewish student was punched in the face after he objected to a nazi-themed drinking game during a trip abroad.

The incident is said to have taken place on a skiing trip to Val d’Isere organised by the university’s students’ union last month.

LSE Students’ Union Jewish Society (J-Soc) said that on one of the evenings students played a drinking game where cards were arranged in the shape of a swastika and players were required to “salute the Fuhrer.”

When a Jewish student challenged those playing the game he was allegedly subject to anti-semitic bullying and physical assault, resulting in his nose being broken.

J-Soc president Jay Stoll criticised those who believed such games were in good humour.

“When a Jewish student is subject to violence and the nazi ideology glorified, it is no joke, but a spiteful, collective attack on a community.

“This incident highlights the worrying trends of contemporary anti-semitism, but beyond all else indicates a depressing lack of education from students of an esteemed institution.”

LSE’s student union newspaper the Beaver used its editorial on Sunday to condemn the alleged racist assault and warned of a “worrying resurgence” of casual anti-semitism within university campuses in recent years.

University of Huddersfield students were caught playing a “Hitler drinking game” back in 2010, while members of the Oxford University Conservative Association were accused of singing anti-semitic songs during one of their gatherings in November last year.

The LSE confirmed on Sunday that it was investigating the incident and would “take disciplinary action if the allegations are shown to be true.”

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