Dutch goose to England and back

This is a video on greylag geese in Poland.

Translated from Ecomare museum, Texel island, the Netherlands:

Texel goose to England – 01.12.13

Most greylag geese in our country are not that keen on traveling. They prefer to remain somewhat in their familiar surroundings. Yet there are also adventurers among them. Thus, the Texel greylag goose SAX one morning in October was seen by a British birdwatcher along the coast of Britain at Cley in Norwich. So, across the North Sea. To top it all into something special … The same afternoon it was back on the island!

That goose had the SAX code on a collar around its neck.

Have you also seen a goose with a collar? You can enter the code on the website www.geese.org

Talking about Texel: bee species discovered, new for Texel.

4 thoughts on “Dutch goose to England and back

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