Occupy movement continuing into 2012

William Rivers Pitt | The Rain and the Reckoning. William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: “Occupy is not over. We come now to another winter of our discontent, and though the tents and signs and shouts of the movement have been momentarily subdued, they will return. Spring is coming, the rocks are already rolling down the mountainside…. Sooner or later, those rocks will reach the reckoning that has been so long in coming, and when that happens, nothing in this country will be the same again”: here.

The Belittle Big Bodies Banzai: A Year-End OWS Salute and Immune Key to 2012. W. David Kubick, Truthout: “After a lifetime clashing with monstrous corporate bodies in the US, India and Japan, I hobble into the Occupation arena with a grateful hallelujah and some wild reconnaissance. The hallelujah is a chorus, by the way. It also arises from countless other US expatriates who have long lived abroad and prayed for signs of a Yankee spring, i.e. any American uprising against the rampant, corporate coup that’s beggared the nation at home and scarred its honor overseas”: here.

Why a Woman of Color Risked Her “Honorary White Man” Status to Blow the Whistle at EPA. Evaggelos Vallianatos, Truthout: “I met Marsha Coleman-Adebayo in 1990 in Washington, DC. She was working for the World Wildlife Fund, an international environmental organization…. She sued EPA for racism and retaliation – and she won…. It is an interesting, inspiring and well-written book; the story it tells is revealing of larger national environmental and political issues. It is a microcosm of racism in American society, callousness and imperialism in foreign policy, and corporate domination of the government and the world”: here.

The Port Shutdown Controversy: Corporate Profit vs. the Right to Protest. Jack Heyman, Truthout: “Once again, the Bay Area is at the forefront of social protest…. San Francisco longshore Local 10 is organizing a caravan of Bay Area workers and Occupy activists to travel to Longview to greet the ship upon its arrival in two weeks. If an agreement is not reached with EGT and angry longshore workers view this dispute as a threat to all their jobs, then it’s possible for the first time that ports on the West, East and Gulf coasts may be shut down”: here.

Ten Ultra-Rich Congresspeople Who “Represent” Some of the Most Financially Troubled Districts. Sarah Jaffe, AlterNet: “The hard times that most Americans continue to experience don’t seem to be making an impact on their representatives in Washington. Now a new report might shed some light on why. According to a Washington Post story this week, ‘Between 1984 and 2009, the median net worth of a member of the House more than doubled, according to the analysis of financial disclosures, from $280,000 to $725,000 in inflation-adjusted 2009 dollars, excluding home equity'”: here.

Wall Street Attacks Occupy Movement with Support of Religious Right: here.

On New Year’s Eve, New York City police arrested dozens of people, including passersby, during an Occupy Wall Street demonstration in Manhattan: here.

New Zealand: Occupy Auckland evicted from city square: here.

4 thoughts on “Occupy movement continuing into 2012


    Robert Kane Pappas directed the prescient documentary “Orwell Rolls in His Grave.” He knows a bit about corporate control of the media frame, and he’s deeply concerned that the nationwide crackdown on the Occupy movement was an attempt to divert news coverage back to the status quo frames of the 1 percent.

    What concerns Pappas, he said in a conversation with BuzzFlash, is not so much that there might have been national coordination among cities who, within a few days of each other, evicted protesters to squash the physical presence of the Occupy campaign’s encampments – an issue which BuzzFlash at Truthout has discussed before. Rather, Pappas is worried that, by depriving protesters of the pieces of land that created a visible image of the movement, the suppression has allowed the media to return to its numbing “process” coverage of politics and the acceptable terms of the DC/Wall Street debate (“debt” reduction, lower taxes for the wealthy, the “need” for more oil, global warming denial, etcetera).

    True, the Republican caucuses are tomorrow and certainly deserve political coverage, but the frame that emerged during the “landed” days of the Occupy campaign – the plight of the 99 percent – has already greatly shifted back to mainstream DC lobbyist concerns.

    The police crackdown on the nonviolent Occupy protesters fulfilled the number-one exception to corporate-owned television’s usual echoing of the wealthy’s mantras: violence that could be sensationalized. A crack on the head with a nightstick. A war veteran suffering traumatic brain injury at the hands of the police. Women being pepper-sprayed by a commanding police officer for no reason. All of these incidents, and others, create more news viewers and higher advertising rates. The police “rioting” and over-reaction to persons asserting their First Amendment rights brought a new frame to the news: the inequality of the distribution of wealth in the United States, in which people who sat at desks and gambled with working people’s money made off like bandits while the mass of America struggled to pay the bills.

    Not only do the superwealthy indulge in gluttonous lifestyles, they also accumulate even more wealth as the working class and the poor go into debt and pay onerous interest rates to survive. Pappas’ point is that the shutdown of Occupy’s pieces of claimed land was a way to refocus news coverage on the perennial false frames of the “haves.”

    And judging from the coverage since the closure of the long-term physical encampments of the national Occupy movement, the powers that be have succeeded in reinstating the false frame of “debt,” not greed, bringing down America.

    Mark Karlin,
    Editor of BuzzFlash at Truthout


  2. Join the Solidarity Caravan to Longview, Washington

    ILWU rank and file, Occupies in Longview, Portland, Seattle, Oakland, LA and other West Coast Occupies are organizing to blockade a grain ship coming to Longview. This ship is intended to load scab cargo from the EGT terminal. The date won’t be known until 3-4 days in advance, but is anticipated to be sometime in January.


    There’s a war going on against dockworkers and their families in Longview, Washington. Members of International Longshore & Warehouse Union Local 21 have been arrested, beaten and their homes have been raided. They are fighting to protect their union jobs against EGT, which is trying to break the ILWU’s coast-wide contract, established after the 1934 San Francisco general strike and West Coast Maritime strike.

    EGT, and their majority partner, Bunge NA, want to bust the ILWU, one of the most militant, progressive unions in the U.S. EGT has defied the contract with the Port of Longview and used scab labor to load its grain terminal. On Sept. 8 hundreds of angry longshore workers charged through the gates of the new EGT export grain terminal at Longview. EGT claims that grain was dumped from a 107-car train, and a cyclone fence torn down.

    At a time when national union membership has dropped to a 70 year low of 11.9%, and private sector workers in unions fell to 6.9%, this is part of the 1%’s attack to drive us all to the bottom. Even at these low membership rates, nationally, median weekly wages for union members are $917, compared to $717 for workers not in unions. The 1% not only wants to take away that extra $200 from the remaining 14.7 million, who are unionized, but wants to destroy all unions, especially the militant ILWU, to keep us from organizing to take back what’s rightfully ours.


    EGT is part of “the 1%” – a joint venture between U.S.-based Bunge North America, Japanese-based Itochu, and Korean-based STX Pan Ocean. A ship hoping to load scab cargo from the EGT terminal is expected to arrive in Longview early in 2012. If EGT is successful in its attack on the ILWU in Longview, it will have a ripple effect on all port workers on the West Coast.

    The ILWU is a democratic, bottom-up union, with an activist rank and file, which has a strong history of support for community issues, standing up against Apartheid South Africa, against the war in Iraq, for the Wisconsin state workers’ struggle against union busting. Bay Area ILWU Local 10 backed community protests about the police murder of Oscar Grant. They honored picket lines in Occupy Oakland’s 11/2 General Strike and 12/12 West Coast Port Shutdown.


    Caravans to Longview and support actions are being organized up and down the West Coast, nationally and internationally, to arrive in Longview to greet the STX ship coming to load the scab grain. The Bay Area’s ILWU Local 10 has pledged support for ILWU Local 21’s struggle against EGT and their union busting drive, funding a bus to Longview. The San Francisco Labor Council is on board.

    If you want to be part of this critical working class struggle, please fill out the sign up form. We need you and your organization to commit to join the caravan, or other solidarity actions, and contribute to this important campaign of solidarity.

    Again, the date won’t be known until 3-4 days in advance, but is anticipated to be sometime in January. As soon as we have official word of the ship’s pending arrival, we will contact you, by email and phone, to let you know it’s time to mobilize to Longview. If you have a car, and are able to take others, please indicate this on the form. Supporters will also be renting vans and buses. If you want to be a passenger, again indicate so on the form.

    Note: Bunge, NA, one of EGT’s parent companies, is headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, with offices in Washington, D.C. If you are in these areas, ask your local Occupy to organize solidarity actions in conjunction with the ship’s arrival in Longview. EGT also has facilities in Chester and Kintyre Flats, Montana. They are also building a high capacity shuttle train loader in Carter, Montana. Bunge has locations all over the Midwest and South. To see if there is a location near you, see http://www.bungenorthamerica.com/locations/usa/index.shtml
    Bail Out the People Movement

    Solidarity Center
    55 West 17th St 5C
    New York, NY 10010
    email: bailoutpeople.org/cmnt.shtml


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