Birds of St James’s park in London

This August 2020 video from England is called Beautiful Birds (St James’s Park London).

On 12 November 2011, I was in St James’s park in London.

Grey squirrels everywhere.

Also quite some rooks.

In the lake: Canada and grey lag geese. Coots. Moorhens.

Male and female tufted ducks.

Tame great white pelicans, sitting near a mute swan.

A ring-necked parakeet, flying and calling.

Goldeneye. Male and female pintail.

Red-crested pochards.

Male and female common pochards.

Ruddy shelduck. Black swan.

Bar-headed geese.


Hawaiian goose .

Bahama pintail.

Barnacle geese. Snow geese. Egyptian geese. Red-breasted geese. Smew.

4 thoughts on “Birds of St James’s park in London

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