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  1. Bahrain to try five policemen over deaths

    DUBAI, Dec 29 (Reuters) – Bahrain, under pressure to
    clean up its human rights record, said on Thursday it would try
    five police officers over the deaths of two people in custody
    during unrest this year.

    At least four people died in detention after Bahrain
    introduced a period of martial law to crush mass protests
    demanding democratic reforms in February and March.

    A statement on the official BNA news agency, citing the
    public prosecutor, said two of the police officers beat two
    detainees to death and the other three officers failed to report
    the incident to authorities. It said the trial would begin on
    Jan. 11.

    Bahrain, whose Sunni royal family rules over a mainly
    Shi’ite population, said in November it was prosecuting 20
    officers over abuses.

    An independent inquiry released a report in November that
    talked of systematic abuse of detainees and listed forms of
    abuse and torture that many suffered.

    The government has promised to implement the report’s
    recommendations, which the U.S. Congress has linked to its
    approval of a $53 million arms sale to Manama, which is home to
    the U.S. Fifth Fleet.

    The island’s banking and tourism sectors have been hit by
    continuing unrest as protesters in Shi’ite villages clash with
    riot police on a daily basis. Opposition groups want an end to
    the ruling al-Khalifa family’s domination of government.

    (Writing by Andrew Hammond)

    Copyright © 2011, Reuters


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