Occupy Wall Street movement continues

This video from the USA is called Thousands of Portlanders Protect Occupy Portland.

By Hector Cordon in the USA:

Portland teachers protest principal’s removal of Occupy speakers

27 December 2011

In the first week of December, a Portland Occupy education group invited by a sixth-grade teacher to speak to his class was ordered by a school official to leave shortly after their presentation had ended and discussion with the students had begun. A petition circulated to protest their removal and defend academic freedom has garnered wide support.

The decision to evict four representatives of Occupy Portland’s educational arm on December 7 was made by Astor School principal Karl Newsome and subsequently affirmed by a Portland Public Schools (PPS) representative. According to the Oregonian, “Matt Shelby, spokesman for Portland Public Schools, said teachers have discretion, but that notification was expected with controversial speakers. ‘Occupy Portland is obviously controversial,’ Shelby said.”

According to the Facebook page of one of the members of Occupy Portland Panel, Hil Boyd, ten minutes into the dialogue with the students, “an administrator delivered a message to the teachers…” and one of the teachers “…notified the group that the Portland School District was not comfortable with the conversation and to end the discussion.”

The removal of Occupy representatives from a Portland public school occurred three weeks after hundreds of police, directed by Democratic Mayor Sam Adams, massed downtown to evict Occupy Portland from the two parks where their camp sites had been established on October 6. This was part of a nationwide wave of evictions of Occupy protesters from their camps.

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From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

High Court reserves decision

Friday 23 December 2011

The High Court reserved its decision today on the City of London Corporation’s bid to evict anti-capitalist protesters from outside St Paul’s cathedral.

After a five-day hearing, Mr Justice Lindblom said he would not rule before January 11 on whether to grant orders for possession and injunctions against Occupy London.

The City has said there was an “overwhelming” case for the court’s intervention because of the impact on the area of the camp – which has been in place since October 15 and now has up to 150 tents – and the risk it would continue indefinitely.

Counsel David Forsdick said it was not seeking to prevent lawful and peaceful protest, but the right to protest enshrined in the European Convention on Human Rights did not justify a semi-permanent campsite on the public highway and, in particular, in a location such as St Paul’s churchyard.

Michael Paget, speaking for representative defendant Tammy Samede, said the case raised an issue of freedom of expression – “a liberty which must be guarded by the courts.”

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