Snowy owl invasion in the USA

This is a video of a snowy owl in Monroe County, New York state, USA.

From Audubon magazine in the USA:

Northern States See Rare Invasion of Snowy Owls

By Alisa Opar


Every four or five years large numbers of snowy owls, those majestic white birds that haunt the Arctic tundra, migrate south and invade the northern United States. It’s happening right now—big time.

“Already we can see that this year is one of the biggest irruption years ever for snowy owl,” says Chris Wood, a Cornell University ornithologist and the project leader for Cornell and Audubon’s eBird, an online database of avian observations.

Through eBird, people around the country are reporting snowy owl sightings. Mapping those data points reveals a flurry of snowies in the Great Lakes region, with smaller numbers of birds being spotted from Washington to Maine, and south as far as Oklahoma and Hawaii.

Hurricane Katia blows North American birds to Cornwall: here.

4 thoughts on “Snowy owl invasion in the USA

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