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After I heard that my blog, and all other blogs at Blogsome, would close down on 7 December 2011, I frantically tried to save as much as possible from my big Blogsome blog to my blogs at and at

As things stand now, on 23 December 2011, my Blogsome blog is still up. However, no one seems to know till when. So, I have to decide where my new main blog site should be.

After some thinking, I have decided for, as it seems to have the best possibilities. My backup for my Blogsome blog posts of 2005-2007 is on my WordPress blog now. There is still a possibility that the rest of my backup file (too big for usual WordPress practice) will arrive there as well. I have also copied manually many (not all, that is impossible) Blogsome blog posts of 2007-November 2011 to my WordPress blog.

And I plan to put my new posts on WordPress as well.

So, please, everyone change your bookmarks, rss readers, etc. to my new blog

If there should be technical problems with my Blogsome blogs, I plan to use and/or as reserve blogs.

UPDATE December 2015: is gone.

3 thoughts on “This is now my main blog

  1. Hi Kitty, I’ve included this blog’s feed in my newsfeed. Best of luck with the new site and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and please enjoy any other holidays that happen to come your way.


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