Occupy, Wall Street and everywhere

Wonkette blog from the USA says about this video, recorded in New York City during an Occupy Wall Street protest:

NYPD Arrests Woman For Closing Her Citibank Account

by Ken Layne

5:37 pm October 15, 2011

Be patient through the first 90 seconds — haha, attention span of a gnat! — because a remarkable little drama unfolds with protesters inside the Citibank branch communicating with protesters outside, all very reserved, collecting names and birthdates of the people about to be arrested inside. And then, brutish cops seize a woman in a business suit who is saying, “I’m a customer, I’m a customer,” and showing her Citibank checkbook. Apparently she is here to close her account, and for that she is manhandled by a bunch of thug cops who should be careful where they go from now on. Anyway, closing your account is now a go-to-jail offense.

A Protester’s Account of This Weekend’s Citibank Arrests: here.

Five Chicago women arrested inside Bank of America for ‘returning’ trash from foreclosed homes: here.

Occupy Wall Street (and Beyond): Why the Protests? Here are the Charts…. (Business Insider): here.

From The Lookout blog:

The number of Americans who lack access to basic necessities like food and health care is now higher than it was at the peak of the Great Recession, a survey released Thursday found. And in a finding that could worsen fears of U.S. decline, the share of Americans struggling to put food on the table is now three times as large as the share of the Chinese population in the same position.

See also here.

Chicago: As anti-Wall Street protests grow more than 175 arrested at Grant Park: here.

San Diego: “The revolution is worldwide, not just in the US”: here.

About 150 people occupied Mellon Square in downtown Pittsburgh Saturday and spent the night setting up tents and bringing the Occupy Wall Street movement to Pittsburgh. The setting up of the tent city followed a march and demonstration of over 3,500 people through downtown Pittsburgh: here.

The wealth of the super-rich has grown astronomically for the last three decades: here.

Occupy goes global: here.

Canada: Occupy Wall Street movement hits twenty cities: here.

Australia: Demonstrations held in every capital: here.

Protests inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement were held in six New Zealand cities on Saturday—Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill: here.

‘We’re here to stay’ say London occupiers: here.

Rally next to St Paul’s Cathedral in London, England yesterday by crowds of people camping there and supporting the Occupy Wall Street movement

Hundreds of thousands demonstrated in cities across the globe Saturday to protest against the immense inequality that is the dominant feature of social life in the US and internationally: here.

Europe: Protestors speak out in the UK and Germany: here.

6 thoughts on “Occupy, Wall Street and everywhere

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  2. Administrator on October 17, 2011 at 8:46 am said:

    NYC Labor Against the War

    10.16 Occupy Wall Street Report:

    We Can Win


    Protesters ‘Occupy’ Times Square
    In Times Square, the mood was celebratory. Protesters began arriving at 5 p.m., gathering next to the U.S. Armed Forces Career Center amid the square’s huge corporate ads and flashing lights. A cheer went up each time a news tickers above scrolled “Occupy Wall Street movement goes worldwide.”

    Occupy Wall Street Wins Converts, Flummoxes Cops on Global Day of Protest
    The flat-foots were caught flatfooted as Occupy Wall Street marchers took to the streets of New York City.

    Children Occupy Wall Street: It’s About Sharing. They Get It! Why Doesn’t Everyone?
    I asked my own 12-year-old, Naima why she thought so many people in the mainstream media don’t understand the occupations. She said, “Sometimes people don’t want to understand that what they are doing is wrong. Especially, when they don’t want to stop doing it.”

    Puerto Rico: From Tahir Square to Times Square: Demonstrations Erupt in Over 1,500 Cities Worldwide
    New Yorkers congregated in assemblies organized by borough, and then flooded the subway system en mass to join the movement in Manhattan. A group calling itself Todo Boricua Para Wall Street marched as a Puerto Rican contingent of several hundred playing traditional music and waving the Lares flag, a symbol of resistance to colonial Spain. “Puerto Ricans are the 99% and we will continue to join our brothers and sisters in occupying Wall Street,” said David Galarza Santa, a trade unionist from Sunset Park, Brooklyn. “We are here to stand with all Latinos, who are being scapegoated by the 1%, while it is the bankers who have caused this crisis and the banks who are breaking the law.”


    Poll: “Occupy Wall St.” much more popular than Obama, tea party | The Raw Story
    The poll’s figures show that President Obama has an approval rating of just 44 percent, with 50 percent disapproving and six percent not sure. That stands in contrast to the 54 percent who say their opinion of “Occupy Wall Street” is either “very favorable” (25 percent) or “somewhat favorable” (29 percent).

    Amid Possible Strike, D.C. Labor and Occupy Movements March Together
    The hundreds who have been camping out in Freedom Plaza in what is called the “Stop the Machine” occupation present a longer list of issues and demands than Occupy DC protestors have raised, including anti-war and environmental justice demands. Both Stop the Machine in Freedom Plaza and Occupy DC in MacPherson Square have been mutually supportive of each other, but there are also signs of tension. Efforts on both ends to merge the two occupations have been met with resistance, especially in MacPherson Square.

    MLK DC Memorial | The Raw Story
    In the US capital, between 2,000-3,000 protesters assembled at the National Mall on the eve of the inauguration of a memorial to slain Nobel peace laureate Martin Luther King, Jr. His son, Martin Luther King III, told the crowd: “We have bailed out the auto industry, and we should have. We bailed out Wall Street. Now it’s time to bail out working Americans. That’s what this is about. I believe that if my father was alive, he would be right here with all of us involved in this demonstration today.”

    Striking Telecom Egypt workers threaten to cut landline, Internet services – Economy – Business – Ah
    Workers demand the resignation of CEO Mohamed Abdel Rehim and the company’s board of directors, whom they accuse of corruption and of causing financial losses to the company. They also demand the release of five colleagues arrested recently for having held Abdel Rehim hostage for 21 hours in the company’s Ataba offices. The five have been charged with attempted murder.

    Palestinian hunger strike continues despite Israeli prisoner swap
    Thousands are demanding better treatment of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails and the release of prominent activists.


    Robert Scheer: If a Republican Were President – Robert Scheer’s Columns – Truthdig
    No doubt many reasonable Americans will view Obama as the lesser evil come election time, and for some that will prove convincing. But I take the dreary choices to be one akin to a form of slow torture. Better to support the Occupy Wall Street protests as an inspiring alternative.


    PLEASE CIRCULATE WIDELY: If you are arrested at an Occupy Event, call the National Lawyers Guild: New York City: (212) 679-6018 Los Angeles: (323) 696-2299 Washington, DC: (202) 957 2445 Chicago: (773) 309-1198 San Francisco: (415) 285-1011 New Orleans: (504) 875-0019 Baltimore: (410) 205-2850 Minnesota: (612) 656-9108 Michigan: (313) 963-0843 Portland: (503) 902-5340 Boston: (617) 227-7335 Pennsylvania & Delaware: (267) 702-4654 Idaho: (208) 991-4324 Be very sure to write the applicable phone number in PERMANENT marker somewhere concealed on your body, protected from the elements. Do NOT assume you will be able to retrieve the number from a phone or a notebook. It is very likely you will be stripped of all your belongings.

    The resistance continues at Liberty Square and Nationwide!

    Donate Money to #occupywallstreet

    NYC General Assembly
    The Official Website of the GA at #OccupyWallStreet

    Occupy Wall St.: Immediate Needs
    Comfort Committee’s Current NEEDS: thermal wear (especially smaller sizes), blankets, toiletries (especially toothpaste), hats & gloves, towels for showers We do NOT need more ponchos or space blankets. All donations can be sent to: The UPS Store Re: Occupy Wall Street 118A Fulton St. #205 New York, NY 10038

    Occupy Together
    Welcome to OCCUPY TOGETHER, an unofficial hub for all of the events springing up across the country in solidarity with Occupy Wall St.

    We Are the 99 Percent
    Brought to you by the people who occupy wall street. Why will YOU occupy?


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