Finnish Breeding Bird Atlas on the Internet

This video is about birds in Finland.

18 October 2011.

From the Finnish Breeding Bird Atlas site:

The Third Finnish Breeding Bird Atlas survey was conducted in 2006–2010. The first two atlases were carried out in 1974–79 and 1986–1989. The aim of the third atlas was to examine present distributions of birds and compare them with those published in the previous atlases. The atlas data can be utilized together with other long-term bird monitoring and other environmental data to investigate changes in biodiversity. Distribution data was collected from 10 x 10 km grids (KKJ Uniform Coordinate System).

The third atlas was conducted in close co-operation with researchers and research organizations, BirdLife Finland and its member associations and, most importantly, with thousands of volunteer bird-watchers.

Correct citation

This is the official English version of The Third Finnish Breeding Bird Atlas . The results have not been published in any printed format. This web page should be referred to as:

Valkama, Jari, Vepsäläinen, Ville & Lehikoinen, Aleksi 2011: The Third Finnish Breeding Bird Atlas. – Finnish Museum of Natural History and Ministry of Environment. (cited [DATE]) ISBN 978-952-10-7145-4

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