Skirts banned in English school

This video from the USA says about itself:

Misty Kingma reports from the West Hollywood Slut Walk, one of several international events aimed at fighting back against the idea that women are to blame when they’re sexually assaulted.

After the ban in France of the burqa which is not really a burqa … after the witchhunts of women voluntarily wearing headscarves … after the witchhunts against women wearing miniskirts in Berlusconi’s Italy, by far Right politicians in Poland, in Chile and in the USA … by New York City police … (like already in the 1960s under the Greek military dictatorship) …

after the governmental attacks in the United Arab Emirates against women wearing trousers

… now, another attack on women’s rights to dress like they want.

From the Independent in Britain:

School bans skirts in concern over rising hemlines

By Ben Kendall

Monday, 22 August 2011

A school concerned about rising hemlines has become the latest to ban girls from wearing skirts.

Northgate High School in Ipswich has removed skirts from its approved uniform list to stop students coming to lessons in “inappropriate attire”.

It is the third school in the town to introduce such a ban.

When nearby Kesgrave High School introduced a similar ban it provoked a mixed reaction.

Some parents complained it restricted freedom of choice while others welcomed it as a way of maintaining standards.

It comes after Tewkesbury School in Gloucestershire put forward a similar proposal in April after its headteacher said some wore skirts which were “almost like belts”.

Northgate headteacher David Hutton said that in recent years the ever-rising hemlines of some girls had led to staff sending students home to change.

Time for a big SlutWalk in Ipswich.

Britain: There are massive disparities in the way police forces in England and Wales record allegations of rape, official data revealed today: here.

11 thoughts on “Skirts banned in English school

  1. Administrator on September 28, 2011 at 7:27 pm said:

    Coro rape episode prompts calls

    TV: The Rape Crisis charity said today it had received a record number of calls this week in direct response to a Coronation Street storyline depicting the rape of character Carla Connor.

    The flagship centre in south London experienced an 800 per cent rise in calls after the story aired last week. Extra volunteers have been taken on to deal with the volume of calls.

    Rape Crisis co-ordinator Rosa Knight praised the program’s “well-researched” story, adding: “Women who have survived rape need care and support – but they are not always aware of how to get it.”

    Survivors can call the helpline at 0808 802-9999 or visit for counselling and support.


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