Sea fish die in Israel

This video is about pollution by the Telma corporation in Israel, owned by multinational Unilever.

From Ynet in Israel:

Netanya: Thousands of dead fish wash ashore

Published: 09.11.11, 23:10

Thousands of dead fish washed ashore in Netanya on Sunday, between Ramat Poleg and the Wingate Institute.

The municipal Beach Division, the Israel Nature and National Parks Service and the Environmental Protection Ministry sent teams to collect water samples from the area and an attempt to determine the cause. (Raanan Ben-Zur)

Israel has grave pollution problems, including pollution of both sea and river water. Caused by various factors, including wars and untreated sewage from a big city like Tel Aviv.

This is a period of uncertainty as we await a kind of verdict – not related to Yom Kippur – but rather one that is nonetheless crucial to the people of Israel, particularly residents of the North. On October 23, the Israeli government will announce its final decision on whether or not to erect an enormous international airport next to the Megiddo Junction. That announcement will greatly impact not only me, but the whole surrounding area: here.

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