Fungi in the botanical garden

This October 2017 video is about photographing mushrooms in the Netherlands.

On Sunday 9 October, to the botanical garden.

Looking for fungi. Even though this not a good year for fungi because of the dry spring, there still are some here.

First, Peniophora quercina.

Ring-necked parakeets call.

On a big old tree, Ganoderma adspersum.

Then, lumpy bracket. It parasitizes on its relative Trametes versicolor. Algae growing on it make for a greenish colour.

Dead man’s fingers.

Coprinus domesticus.

Xylaria longipes.

Jay sound.

Sulphur tuft. Bleeding fairy helmet on a tree trunk.

Saffron crocus flowering.

For almost 100 years, there has been controversy as to the possible parent species of the saffron crocus are. If the parent species were known, changes could be inserted into the crocus genome by new breeding. It is precisely this mystery that biologists have now solved: here.

Oligoporus subcaesius.

Collared earthstar.

Scleroderma areolatum.


Scaly earthball.

Pholiota squarrosa, here as parasites on a beech tree. However, they keep away Meripilus giganteus which would have killed the tree long ago.

Finally, little red coral spot fungi.

Dutch Rust Fungi: here.

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