Elvis, Amy Winehouse, dead, moneygrabbers profit

29 July 2011.

Amy Winehouse died. Like Elvis Presley’s 1977 death, a (directly or indirectly) alcohol and drugs-related death.

However, in both cases, also a death related to capitalism. Especially to the corporate music industry and the corporate sensationalist media.

Now that Amy Winehouse is dead, her songs are high up in the hit charts again. The money made from those songs now will not bring Amy back, but will make rich businessmen still richer.

This music video from 1978, after Elvis Presley died, is We’re so Glad Elvis is Dead, by Dutch punk band the Tits.

Contrary to what some angry 1950s rock’n roll fans believed, this song is NOT about punk rockers being happy that Elvis Presley died. It is about money grabbers being happy that Elvis Presley died, because dead rock stars make money for living capitalists.

The death of Whitney Houston: here. And here.

4 thoughts on “Elvis, Amy Winehouse, dead, moneygrabbers profit

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